Frozen (Movie)

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Frozen (Two-Disc Blu-ray / DVD + Digital Copy) -

i got to go so this for my 18th birthday :)


I must admit I wasn't expecting too much. Girly sisters being all girly and feely and some guys worked in somehow. With some magic thrown in and the obligatory Disney singing.


However, it met, exceeded and completely overthrew my expectations and made me glad we had bought this. Family, Separation, Fear, Hope, Love and Fun were all there. I was glad that the focus of the movie was NOT on romantic love and that True Love was shown as Sacrificial Love.


But you know what I liked the most? Olaf.


How can you not love a Snowman that wants to drink Hot Chocolate with marshmallows while relaxing in a hot tub?

He definitely made the movie for me.


I am looking forward to watching the all the extras included at a later time.